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Prima Magento Theme


Speaking about the peculiar features of this theme, we should underline responsiveness. This feature is quite important for the expansion of effect area of site. Site becomes cross-platform so it can work with many devices equally as it works with PC. This important feature allow businessman to reach many people which prefer using mobile devices instead of PCs.

Benefits from responsiveness

According to many surveys, users start to use mobile devices more than PC. It means that effective e-commerce requires a targeting shift from creation PC-oriented design to mobile design. And responsive design is the first important step to create sites optimized for mobile users. They contain special menus, which can transformed with changing of view-port. Furthermore, text size in such sites can easily modified to new view-port to provide excellent usability. Images used in site can be rescaled and put in some places, which allow visitors watching them without page scrolling.

Flat design

One more issue that peculiar for this theme is use of flat design. This one is also creates the universality of site. This design works nicely with through all browsers it requires much lesser resources than predecessors and it’s simple. Simplicity of this design allows better information comprehension and understanding of all content. More simple icons provide better navigation, as they are understandable and can be easily located due to using of bright colors and emphasizing of all functional elements with some elements. Flat-design benefits Sites, based on flat design work easily with mobile devices, so it aids creation of universal site that will bring benefits from mobile sales, furthermore, site with flat design has lesser load time, so visitors can quickly access the necessary information and find what they need. Flat design is optimized for modification, while material designs required strong knowledge of some peculiar software and general web design knowledge.

Sell in colors!

Prima Magento themes contain all qualities, which are necessary for creation of the effective e-commerce platform. With this theme businessman can get many customers and sell in colors!