About Us

TMIP Restaurant is a ten seat, Native American-inspired restaurant situated on Exterior Farm. What you eat here was predominantly grown here, or was sourced from a farm very nearby. We focus on shedding light on the “old world style restaurant,” where the people that work here also live here, making the restaurant an extension of their homes.

Our Food

We offer a 12 course menu. We ask that you choose one when you make your reservation. Regretfully, we cannot accommodate restrictions, however, we will accommodate allergies if it is possible.

TMIP Restaurant is located at 8734 W 400 N in Michigan City, Indiana. Reservations can be made by via phone Monday thru Friday from noon to 3pm at (219) 814-4930.

Our Staff

Brandon Baltzley

Brandon Baltzley • Co-Owner & Chef

Brandon Baltzley has been cooking as long as he can remember. He has put in time at restaurants from New York, to Pittsburgh and Chicago. Brandon founded Crux, a nomadic culinary collective in 2011 after noticing the lack of communication and collaborative  attitude in kitchens. Wanting to set down roots and commit to his growing appreciation of cultivating and cooking truly local ingredients, Brandon teamed up with longtime friend, Leigh Hansen to build TMIP restaurant at Exterior Farm. Brandon is a proud participant of events propagating ideas in sustainability, collaboration, and culinary research like Cook It Raw and Terroir.

Leigh Hansen

Leigh Hansen • Co-Owner

Leigh Hansen began farming as an apprentice on an organic farm in Maine while on leave of absence from a doctoral program at University of Chicago. Family roots in farming initially drew her to the idea, but a shared vision of pairing a small scale farm with a restaurant, tailored specifically to highlight the ever changing availability of product in its prime, led her to shelve academia and open TMIP at Exterior Farm.




The TMIP Menu

We consider our tasting menu to be a journey of our collective experiences through food. We believe that a vivid representation of a specific time or place can’t be described by only one dish. In fact, it sometimes takes many iterations of one component to successfully portray a single idea. One thought may linger over multiple courses, some courses may interpret a single thought.

The Tasting Menu.

The Vegan Tasting Menu.
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  • Address: 8734 W 400 N, Michigan City, IN 46360
  • Phone: 219 – 814 – 4930